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More and more people enjoy spending their holidays in a different world – away from their challenges and complications of modern life. If you are also looking forward to a relaxed atmosphere and a unique opportunity to touch nature with your bare hands, the tented camps of Leopard Safaris are the ideal places. This is your time to experience the alluring spirit and soul of Sri Lanka.

Despite its small size Sri Lanka is renowned for its cornucopia of sights, sounds, smells and its diversity. It captivates, it excites, it makes you introspect – it offers a multi-sensory experience. Without having to travel long distances you can reach tropical rainforests, lush tea plantations, fascinating national parks, temples or other historic sites. Sri Lanka is also home to a terrific cuisine and blessed with a fascinating history and culture. Put simply, Sri Lanka is home to a wide range of flora and fauna and is one of the best places in Asia for seeing wildlife. For over 2,000 years huge areas of land have been preserved as sanctuaries by Sri Lankas royalty Mihintale; the world´s first reserve was created here in the third century BC.

The heavy rainfall of the two diagonally blowing monsoons as well as the country´s wide range of altitudes give Sri Lanka a variation in climate and biodiversity which is normally found only across an entire continent. It is known as one of the 34 biodiversity hotspots identified in the world and includes over 4,000 species of flowering plants, 245 species of butterfly, 85 species of freshwater fish, 207 species of reptiles, 108 species of amphibians, 492 species of birds, 95 terrestrial species of mammals and several thousand invertebrates.

Being located at different Sri Lankan national parks, the tented camps of Leopard Safaris provide a great opportunity for wildlife lovers to observe the animals in their natural habitats while immersing into the magnificent nature. With its safaris and nature walks Leopard Safaris provides a wild and magical experience which creates, along with the personalized service, the beautiful campsite and the passion for detail, a unique overall experience for you.

All the campsites are in a picturesque location right next to the national parks. Follow the call of the wild and visit the camps of Leopard Safaris where stylish South African are awaiting you. Although you’re deep in the Sri Lankan bush, each of these private tents is customized to provide the utmost comfort. From the moment you wake up to the sound of tropical birdsongs until the sun sets and the star-studded sky appears – every second of your stay will be filled with unforgettable memories and experiences.

During the day, in between the two game drives offered, various beanbags and hammocks provide the perfect spot to watch monkeys swing through the trees or extend your knowledge in wildlife from the wildlife library. Spend your days tracking wildlife on a jeep and once you come back from your safari in the evening you are invited to the chill out area, where you can enjoy a chilled drink from the jungle bar and relax while exchanging stories, pictures and memories with the others. After the drinks and a refreshing shower, the experienced chef will introduce you to the delights of Sri Lankan cuisine with an al fresco dinner next to a roaring campfire. In the night, the queen-size beds in every tent almost guarantee you a peaceful sleep at night.

Due to the fact, that all energy used in the camp results from solar panels you can relax with the added bonus of knowing that your presence is having almost zero impact on the beautiful surroundings.

Leopard Safaris is an award-winning wildlife company that specializes in creating unique tented camping experiences in Sri Lanka’s three major National Parks and Knuckles Range. In all three parks Elephants, Leopards, Spotted Deer, Sambar, Barking Deer, Wild Boar, Wild Buffalos, Jackal, Grey Langur and Mongoose can be seen. It is not just mammals that dominate the national parks, wildlife reserves are also home to a rich birdlife of over 400 recorded species, including 33 endemic birds. The lakes and rivers that bring life to the parks are also home to muggers and saltwater crocodiles whereas the coastline brings in endangered sea turtles. The grasses, the dry open plains as well as the dense jungle also hide a mixture of tropical lizards, snakes, frogs, and insects.

Seen with the help of expert knowledge of good naturalists while enjoying the safari in customized Toyota jeeps – the best vehicles for offroad excursions – you will experience the unique thrill of interacting with Sri Lanka´s beautiful wildlife, up close and personal!

The jeeps are specially fitted with camera support points, while monopads and binoculars are provided for you. All of the safari adventures are eco-friendly and sustainable, allowing you to enjoy the remarkable beauty of these nature reserves, whilst conserving the environment and wildlife within them. Leopard Safaris refuses to compromise on quality, a philosophy which manifests itself in every detail of the service, because they believe that luxury is not golden taps or marble bath tubs, but rather the liberating experience of space, the opportunity to relish the grandeur and tranquility of the pristine places.