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Kithulgala Adventure with Borderlands

The source of the beautiful Kelani River is Sri Pada, Adam’s Peak, located in the central region of Sri Lanka. The river winds westwards before finishing north of Colombo; in its journey it provides the base for the success of the Kithulgala-based outdoor adventure sports company, Borderlands Sri Lanka. Owned by Canadian Wade Campbell, Borderlands delivers safe and fun active adventures for travelers and provides corporate and school based programs focused on trust and confidence building, teamwork and performance improvement. They achieve these points through exciting and challenging activities such as white water rafting, kayaking, hiking and abseiling, based out of their atmospheric and funky riverfront camp, which has 3 river view cabins and 9 river view tents.

The Borderlands camp in Kithulgala rests directly on the river, with clients able to wake up and watch the sunrise on their terrace, before enjoying breakfast and following meals in the communal Long House, which has an informal bar, surround sound music, and plenty of cushions to stretch out on after a day of experiencing the rigorous activities offered.

The favored activity on the Kelani around Kithulgala is usually white water rafting. Racing down the river in boats of four to eight with guides cheering you on while steering leaves adrenaline hungry individuals craving more! The Class II and Class III rapids can rise to Class IV in the monsoons, creating dramatic descents down the river for experienced kayakers. The elation

after charging through a rapid with friends on a raft bonds people together and allows them to see how capable they are of taking on new challenges. The kayaks allow for the individual adventurer to enjoy either flat water or white water kayaking, ranging from easy and relaxing to challenging and extreme thrills.

Sliding down smooth paths of rocks carved by waterfalls and jumping into pools of water is everyday canyoning at Borderlands, who bring people from the age of 6 to the age of 60 down the many levels of waterfalls in the canyon. The delight of gliding down a rock face into a pool of water before drifting down the canyon carried by the flow of the water combines adventure with tranquility.

Abseiling with Borderlands is a self-guided descent down a series of cascading waterfalls using ropes, for those who enjoy being in charge of their own experience; this is the activity for thrills! Ranging from an easy 5-meter to a 30-meter cliff face, abseiling is appealing to all levels of individuals who enjoy a challenge. For people who prefer to stay on land, Borderlands offers guided hikes through local rainforests to places such as Belilena Cave and Makandawa Rainforest Reserve. From effortless walks through the lush rainforest to demanding hikes and climbs up steep slopes, the possibilities for exploring the land is unlimited.

Borderlands is proud to offer outdoor adventure sports and activities in Kithulgala where we strive to instill high performance, teamwork, trust and confidence. Thanks to our exhilarating activities, fantastic and well-trained staff, and international safety standards, we are able to provide clients from individual, corporate and school programs the best experience possible exploring the natural beauty of Sri Lanka!